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Handwritten Perspective

If you send a hand-written letter & receive no reply, do not let it discourage your honesty.

Know that after the songs are played out & the morning fog has cleared, the mountains still stand tall in the distance. The flowers continue to bloom along that dirt road, and the sun still dances through the pine trees.

Know that in the year to come, your hair will grow long & your eyes brighter than ever. You'll learn to appreciate the taste of good coffee, borrowed books, and lessons learned from fleeting friendships. You'll take notice of the light that floods your kitchen & wonder if it had always been that color. And you’ll realize that being anything less than honest with yourself, and the people around you, will never get you where you really want to be.

And so, if you send a hand-written letter & receive no reply; be grateful. There is no perspective without the shadows.

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